Harvey Dent press conference results in hostage situation

Prospective DA Harvey Dent took his life in his own hands yesterday, after police sergeant Francis Notaro took a girl hostage during a tense stand-off with Gotham City Police.

Dent's scheduled press conference was cancelled when the hostage situation, taking place at a nearby deli, quickly escalated.

Dent entered the deli where Notoro was holding the girl at gun point, offering himself as a hostage in her place. He then successfully negotiated the release of the rest of the patrons of the restaurant.

Notoro has been fiercely opposed to Dent, claiming he offered him money to testify against an innocent policeman; claims which were later disproved by Gotham Times reporter James Levine.

Harvey Dent's approval rating has soared following yesterday's incident.

To hear an audio clip go to I Believe In Harvey Dent