Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

But remember, you're supposed to be setting a good example, after all. The goals may be small stuff when compared to saving the world from radioactive Nazi dragons from the Nth Dimension but there's no escaping the laid-back charm of running your own homestead. Keeping track of all these earthen delights can be a chore in itself, so we've laid it all out for you below.

  1. Crops must be planted, watered and reaped on a regular basis.
  2. This handy map shows where the nearest areas of interest are.
  3. Watering can.
  4. Not all plants are welcome in your garden. Keep the place clean.
  5. You can only work so hard. Good food and plenty of sleep are vital.
  6. You'll experience every day of this virtual life.
  7. Any items you're carrying will appear here, plus other abilities like mackin' on chicks.
Brett Elston

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