Harvest Days is an open world Stardew Valley created by a father and son duo

Harvest Days greenhouse
(Image credit: Family Devs)

Harvest Days is a new open world farming sim with RPG elements, that was inspired by Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons. 

Described as ‘an open-ended country-life RPG,' Harvest Days tasks players with restoring the rundown town of Duda’s Village. To do this, in true farming sim fashion, players will harvest crops, raise animals - from chickens, pigs, rabbits, horses, cows, and even some wild animals - as well as buy and sow seeds, and build appropriate facilities for the farm.

Your job isn’t only confined to the farm though, as the game will also ask you to revive the economy of the desolate town by building houses to attract new inhabitants, create jobs, exchange with merchants, improve already standing infrastructures, and more. The wide-open spaces at your disposal must also be explored with a mysterious forest, various caves, dungeons, a temple in ruins, and even a swamp just waiting to be investigated.

Similar to the games it was inspired by, Harvest Days also wants players to meet the locals - as the village community takes part in weekly events, such as the street market, an artisan market, and other seasonal festivals. All of which gives players the opportunity to meet other people from nearby villages. There’s also a variety of things you can do day to day including gathering resources, crafting items, fishing, and even bringing new pets onto your farm via the town’s animal rescue center. 

The game also has an emphasis on being environmentally friendly, with several options to do good for the planet including forest clean up operations, recycling resources to make renewable energy such as wind or solar energy, and other smaller choices such as choosing to travel by horse instead of using a vehicle. 

The father and son indie developers, Family Devs, who are working on the project are launching the game’s Kickstarter campaign at the end of Q3 2021. Harvest Days is available to wishlist on Steam and follow on Kickstarter now. You can also keep up to date with the project on the game’s official website, Twitter account, and dev log video series

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