Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has its first event this summer, so start practicing those spells now

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is having its first event this summer, so make sure you've got the app downloaded come June 21! Hopefully Niantic has learned lessons from the Pokemon Go events over the years, because if the Harry Potter fandom is anything to go by, these events are going to be as busy as the Hogwarts Sorting ceremony.

The game itself is what you'd get if you put Pokemon Go in JK Rowling's head, with players belonging to the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. You'll have to find the Foundables (try saying that three times fast) scattered across the world and send them back to their magical world, but first you have to defeat the Confoundable protecting the Foundable. These are generally evil creatures like Death Eaters, Werewolves, and other icky creatures. Instead of catching them like in Pokemon Go, you'll need to fight them using glyphs, which are Wizards Unite's versions of spells. Trace these symbols with your finger, and the more accurate and fast you are, the more damage they'll do to the Confoundable. 

Basically Wizards Unite is more RPG-centric than Pokemon Go, as you also have skill trees to climb and a profession to choose: pick between the Auror, a Magizoologist, or a Professor, kind of like the three teams in Pokemon Go. This time however you can switch between professions freely, so if you're as indecisive as Neville Longbottom, Wizards Unite might be for you. The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date is set for June 21 on Android and iOS, so you'll just have to keep those fingers crossed to see if it makes you feel like you belong in Harry Potter's world!  

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