Harold Perrineau signs on for three films

Don’t expect to see Lost star Harold Perrineau hanging around the island much this year. He’s far too busy getting his film career back on track.

He’ll first be playing a cocky US Special Forces pilot who helps families returning to the ravaged London after the virus dies down in horror sequel 28 Weeks Later. Sadly for him, one of his charges ends up being an unknowing carrier of the rage, and the lethal zombie-making bug strikes back.

Following that, he’ll play real-life star Richard Roundtree (the original Shaft), who becomes obsessed with sci-fi scribbler Philip K Dick in Your Name Here. The film – which used to be called Panasonic – is described as an odd, Charlie Kaufmanesque tale of the last days of Dick’s life, which blends reality and fiction.

Finally, there’s Gardens Of The Night, which already boasts John Malkovich and Six Feet Under’s Jeremy Sisto. Damian Harris’ film follows children abducted into a prostitution ring, who escape as teenagers and live as street kids.