Happy Game trailer brings joy and disturbing horror in equal measure

Happy Game, the latest odyssey from Czech developer and Chuchel creator Amanita Design, has just released a new trailer that is as striking as it is disturbing. 

The new title was featured during the Future Games Show Powered by WD_BLACK and it’s not too far away, being set for an Autumn 2021 release on PC and Nintendo Switch. The game looks to be as visually striking as the developer's previous work... just a whole lot darker. 

The premise is as simple as this: “A little boy falls asleep to a horrible nightmare. Can you make him happy again?” Judging by the trailer, that might be harder than it sounds. If you are looking for something a little twisted, this should be right up your alley.

The point-and-click adventure will task players with navigating through three worlds, all underscored by a sickening sense of uneasiness. There will be puzzles and obstacles to surpass, but it seems like the hardest part might be contending with the game’s threatening vibe. 

With a title like Happy Game and some of the early visuals, you may be lulled into thinking this will be a light and breezy indie title, but there is much more going on than would first appear. 

As you traverse these worlds, which appear to be on an endless moving wheel, the game will flick from a joyful atmosphere to one that looks like David Lynch decided that he was work wasn't weird enough already. It’s a striking dichotomy and one that creates a fascinating visual whiplash.

Things really get dark later in the trailer when things in the ‘happy’ world seem to become even more sinister than when it is being overtly dark. Happy Game is bringing ‘something’ to the table, and whatever that ‘something’ is, it’s certainly effective. 

For as much as you might see impaled characters in the darker world of Happy Game, the most nightmarish stuff comes when you see the decapitated bodies and smiley faces becoming stuck on your head in the light world. Truly uncomfortable stuff, but if you’re one for something a little horrifying, you can wishlist the game on Steam now.

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