HaloRadar: Master Chief Mutations

The Master Chief Munny

The Master Chief Munny

What's a "munny"? According to Wikipedia, a munny is a "do-it-yourself action figure which the owner can decorate using pens, pencils, markers, paint and supposedly ketchup."

What's a Master Chief Munny? Absolutely adorable. This one was lovingly decorated by danomano65 at NewGrounds.com.

The Master Chief Play-Doh

Continuing our Arts & Craft section, we find Master Chief decapitated and molded into a soft and smelly child's toy. As established in the games, he's non-toxic, non-staining and soluble in soapy water. What? You don't remember that mission?

Credit goes to Hawty McBloggy for this truly zany idea.

The Master Chief Origami

Expressing the underlying fragility of the hero archetype, billybog884 at deviantART has constructed the Master Chief completely out of paper. This might also be the only rational explanation for why the guy's body FLIES across the map every time you kill him.