HaloRadar: Master Chief Mutations

The Master Chief Window

The Master Chief Window

The game's name already carries religious significance; a stained glass window is simply the next logical step. Coming soon - Halo Brand Baptism Water, brought to you by Microsoft and Mountain Dew!

The Master Chief Masterpiece

Take a look at Andy Warhol's actual work. We don't think the famous artist would disapprove of this homage by Miss Shelby of Sweet-Shock.net. Hell, knowing his affinity for popular mass culture, he probably would have painted it himself if he was still alive.

The Master Chief 3D Extravaganza

Until they invent the Holodeck, this is as immersed in Halo as you're gonna get. No glasses? You can experience the same effect at TMIV and the Dude. Or, to create your own 3D extravaganza starring your own spectacular multiplayer feats, read Kato Katonian's tutorial at his website WITFITS.

The Master Chief Key

For $50, you too can trust all of your most precious data to the safe confines of Master Chief's humongous, egg-shaped noggin. Downloadable Cortana not included.