HaloRadar: Legendary Maps

Q&A with Brian Jarrard,
Community Lead at Bungie

What makes Blackout unique from all other Halo 3 maps?

Blackout is a remake of the Halo 2 classic "Lockout." It's somewhat similar to Guardian since both feature elevated platforms and catwalks but otherwise it plays unlike anything else available in Halo 3.

What weapons and vehicles tend to dominate this map?

Vehicles can be added via Forge but they're not really part of Blackout. As far as weapons go, the same weapons that dominate in Halo 2 will work here - the sniper rifle, shotgun and sword can all get you well on your way to victory.

What game modes play best here?

Blackout works great with all the Halo gametypes. Team Slayer is perhaps most common, but smaller objective games can also be very intense.

What's your favorite strategy for Blackout?

For Team Slayer, it's generally best to control the weapons and try to hunker down at either BR tower or Sniper Tower. I prefer the latter simply because the rifle spawns there as well and it feels a bit easier to lock down and defend. Just be sure to clear out the fusion coils before you go topside.

VIDEO (below): Bungie's Expert Guide to "Blackout"