HaloRadar: Gears of War vs. Halo

Why Gears is better: Honestly, neither game's story makes a ton of sense. But while Gears is just getting started, Halo's had three games, five comics and about a quadrillion novelizations to clear things up. I spent days researching and writing a feature titledHalo: The Story So Farand I still don't understand what the eff's going on.

The Gears tale is confusing only because we know so little. Why was Marcus really in prison? What happened to his father? Where is Dom's family? Why is the Locust attacking Earth? These are questions to which I actually want answers. At this point, Master Chief could be a zombified Nazi pirate under that helmet and I wouldn't care. - Charlie

Why Halo is better: Philistine! A once great man said: "The Halo trilogy is an epic in every sense of the word, a rousing galactic saga packed with larger than life characters, spectacular set pieces and cinematic blockbuster pacing." That man? That man was you, Charlie Barratt, back inAugust '07! How far you've fallen...

Whereas Gears is a proposed trilogy with pre-planned spin-offs, the Halo universe, and the success of the first game, lent itself to a deeper story via novels and sequels. People demanded to know more, and unlike certain properties, Halo didn't force the importance of its canon from its pitch meeting. - Chris

Why Gears is better: Crumbling architecture. Abandoned squares. Overgrown greenhouses. Dusty statues of forgotten heroes. In Gears of War, the cost and loss of war surrounds you. The world of Sera, so disturbingly familiar to our own, has been utterly ravaged. If you need inspiration to keep fighting, all you need to do is look around.

Plus, the rain-drenched nightmare factories of Act III and the roller coaster train ride of Act IV are some of the most memorable levels in this console's history. Halo 3's settings are unforgettable, too... but mostly because they've been recycled from Halo and Halo 2. - Charlie

Why Halo is better: Horseshit! Pretty as it may be, the remnants of Sera can't compete with the lush and diverse locales you experience while jumping from planet to planet in Halo. You can have your "atmosphere." Meanwhile, I'll be emptying rounds on tropic locales, dogfighting through space and mounting vehicles to explore vast terrain with no invisible barriers. Where are you going? Oh, Marcus's house - sounds fun. You're stuck in homeroom while I'm studying abroad, my friend. But seriously, enjoy the rubble. - Chris