HaloRadar: Gears of War vs. Halo

Why Gears is better: Nothing is more satisfying than stalking an enemy through cover, waiting patiently for that split-second moment to pull off the head shot. Nothing is more humiliating than watching someone slowly saunter over to your crippled body, taking their time before snuffing you out with a brutal curb stomp. Nothing is more exhilarating than being revived by a friend seconds before that final execution occurs.

These sequences affect us so deeply because, in an average Gears match, you live and die only once. Every choice and every action may be your last and, thus, carries weight. Halo may have the higher statistics, but Gears of War has the higher stakes. - Charlie

Why Halo is better: Nonsense! No one expects Gears of War 2 to dethrone the mighty, mighty Halo, since it doesn't have three games' worth of refinement to stand on. Gears' brutish multiplayer feels a helluva lot slower, more confined and stunted when set against Halo's expansive and diverse maps, teeming with16 Jedi Daffy Ducks.

With an almost infinite number of play types and customization, I know it's not fair to compare unique users currently on Gears of War's servers to Halo 3's numbers. But, look at Halo 2! I'd wager to bet there are as many people still playing a game from 2004 than Epic's far more recent outing, if not more. In other words: My dad makes more money than your dad. Na-na. - Chris

Why Gears is better: Are you kidding me? Gears of War reinvented co-op. Gears of War perfected co-op. Gears of War is the only reason co-op is even a topic in this debate.

The game was built, designed and conceived with two players in mind. The evidence is everywhere. Marcus and Dom are both compelling, memorable characters. One can revive the other should he fall. Levels split into multiple paths. Most puzzles and enemies require coordinated teamwork to overcome.

What does Halo 3's co-op offer in return?N’tho ‘Sraom andUsze ‘Taham. Yeah, I don't know who the hell I'm talking about, either. - Charlie

Why Halo is better: Balderdash! Gears co-op is fun and all, but in Halo, it's absolutely epic. Really, this is as futile as comparing Cogs and Skulls. Fetch-questing is always better with friends, and you can't tell me that looking behind walls for a necklace can compare to hurtling a buddy to colossal altitudes to secure the organic legacy of a human head! You could call Halo's hidden treasures poignant reminders of our own mortality, but I'd rather point out that finding them actually affects gameplay.

And I hate to take the "More is better!" approach, but four players will always be superior to two. It's just science! - Chris