HaloRadar: Gears of War vs. Halo

Why Gears is better: Beneath their beefcake exteriors, Marcus and Dom are regular guys, just like you and me. They didn't sign up to be heroes; the threat of human extinction forced them into those roles. They don't want to be wading through alien stench day after day; they do it because they have to, because it's the right thing to do. They don't get a parade; they barely get credit.

Master Chief is the equivalent of Superman - brave, honest, steadfast and mind-numbingly dull. A goodie two-shoes boy scout incapable of swearing or complaining. A pampered celebrity beloved and heralded throughout the universe. Unlike Dom and Marcus, he isn't relatable. And unlike the Cole Train, Master Chief can't rap worth shit. - Charlie

Why Halo is better: Poppycock! Faceless Chief is a brilliant variable for the classical Last Man Standing archetype. He is you. He is me. He's equal parts Joe Everysoldier and Bob Badass. Plus, he's the type of gentleman that would buy a crying kid an ice cream cone. Marcus Fenix and Co. are little more than a gaggle of potty-mouthed ruffians.

Halo'salso got a less stereotypical black guy, a door-opening robot with actual personality and Cortana for a little femininity. Because unlike your playable Chuck Norris movie, Halo's not afraid to cry. - Chris

Why Gears is better: I'm not sure I even need to argue here. Just look at the images below. What do YOU find more frightening - hulking reptilian bogeymen with razor fangs, hissing voices and corpselike complexions? Or squeaky, asthmatic Space Ewoks?

Perhaps that's an unfair comparison, but it's not like the giant monkeys or wheelchair-bound frogmen in Halo would have fared any better against a Berserker or Brumak. - Charlie

Why Halo is better: Malarkey! Why should I give shit about unending hordes of sub-Biblical locusts? Bitch, I've got space zombies to endeaden. Even if you ignore the variance in Halo's enemies, Master Chief's world isn't as cut-and-dry as Gears' "People good, Locusts bad." Spoiler alert: Shit actually happens! Characters change allegiances, structures of power are called into questioned and death carries real emotional weight. - Chris

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