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You beat the game, but have you finished the fight? No, we mean really finished it.

Have you collected every skull? Accessed every terminal? Discovered every Easter egg? Destroyed every single online foe in every possible way? Committed suicide with a traffic cone? Knocked Master Chief's friggin' head off?

No? You will. All you need is HaloRadar, your trusty and weekly guide to the always expanding - and always surprising - world of Halo 3. Here's what we've covered so far:

Craziest Stunts, Part 3-Stupidity, like genius, knows no bounds.

Stupidest Cheats 2-We don't know how parents hide their disappointment.

Stupidest Cheats-How to make Master Chief "have a guitar" and find the "Skull of Legendary".

Fans Gone Wild-Our massive gallery ofHalo devotion run amok.

Halo Suicides Part 1- Elaborate and hilarious ways to die by your own hands.

Chief, Master or Servant?- We have definitive proof that Master Chief is a natural bottom.

Halo 3's Craziest Stunts, Part 2- Unbelievable footage of unbelievable players.

Gift Guide- Cool toys and crazy collectables for the SPARTAN who has everything.

Try Before You Buy- Are Halo 3's new maps worth the cash? Videos and impressions to help you decide.

Inside the New Maps- Bungie reveals why their bonus pack is must play material.

Snipers Exposed- Nail those cowardly cockbites with our heat map guide to sniper spots.

Skulls Video Guide- Grab all 13 skulls in record time with our complete walkthrough. Gold and silver!

Terminals Video Guide- Unlock the game's hidden story... and Achievement.

Craziest Stunts- Think you've seen everything? These unbelievable videos will prove you wrong.

Easter Egg Hunt- 21 of the coolest hidden treasures in Halo 3. Coded symbols, love letters, mysterious music, pop culture references, nudity and more.

Multiplayer Guide- Surefire tips for embarrassing the online competition.

Faces of Death- The horrific, bizarre and hilarious demises of Master Chief. Our first gruesome gallery.

More Faces of Death- The mutation and mutilation of Master Chief continues.

Faces of Death, Reader Edition- We asked, you delivered. Our readers' grossest, craziest and funniest fatalities.

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