HaloRadar: 37 reasons to hate Halo 3!

10.The Covenant are our friends
We’re sure there’s some kind of plot device that we’ve done our best to forget about or not bothered to untangle that explains why we don’t want to start shooting at the Halo series’ posterboy evil alien alliance. We just wish there wasn’t.

11.The number of maps
There are only nine maps in Halo 3. Really, only nine? No, there are actually more, but we’ve never played any of them. Once we saw one come up in the pre-game lobby, but it was vetoed before the match started, so we played Snowbound instead… again.

Above: The only way to choose your own map is by setting up a system link game

12.Getting a Killjoy
Nothing says you're doing a good job better than getting a medal that can only be acquired if someone on the other team has at least five kills in a row.

13.Xbox Live players play Halo 3
Who wouldn’t be excited about getting to play Halo 3 with these guys?

14.Legendary isn't as legendary
It used to mean something to have beaten Halo on Legendary difficulty. With the teammate-revival feature reinstated, even the hardest sections are breezable, with one guy hanging back while up to frickin' three other guys hurl themselves forward and whittle away at the enemies before respawning safely away from combat next to player four. With up to four people able to play through the campaign together, shouldn't Legendary be harder than ever instead of easier?

15.The Flamethrower
If your buddy picks up the flamethrower, go the other way as quickly as possible. This thing is so unwieldy that it's a virtual guarantee that the user will blind herself, light completely random targets on fire and generally confuse and kill without regard for teams. It almost sounds fun, until you consider how cool a useable Flamethrower could have been.