HaloRadar: 37 reasons to hate Halo 3!

23.Cutscene eyes
If you didn’t notice, you will now, because human eyes look like some kind of fisheye/golf ball combination in Halo 3. Maybe that’s the real reason Master Chief won’t take his helmet off.

Below: Sgt. Johnson shows off his set of dual glass eyes about50 secondsinto the video - be polite and don't stare.

Above: The end of the video marks the last time Halo 3 pretends to care about logic

24.The Flood are our friends

25.No Banshees
We’ve heard that if you’re able to shoot one down intact, you can still fly them in the campaign. Good luck with that.

26.The Terminals
The Terminals are ancient caches of information hidden throughout the game that give crucial backstory and fill in the plot of Halo 3. That’s right, the things that tell you what the hell is going on are actually hidden. Usually they're hiding so cleverly that most players will walk right by without even noticing.

Above: Use ourguideto find all of these

27.Hornet missiles
The complex dogfights of Halo games of yore have been replaced with two

stone-cold rules: 1.) Pull the left trigger when you’re pointed at a banshee. 2.) Watch the missile smash the bad guy. Supposedly there’s another gun that you can use if you’re bored and want to pull the other trigger.

28.Picking your armor
You can pick anything you want: square shoulder pads, bigger square shoulder pads, the helmet with the big visor. Then, if you get within five feet of another player and they stop moving around and they don’t shoot at you and they didn't pick something too detailed to see, you might even notice the differences.

Above: We really think that the octagon background on the shoulder decal makes all the difference

29.Pre-release trailers
We kept waiting for this part of the game to actually happen. We’re still waiting.