Halo TV show producer says show won’t satisfy everyone but will find its own voice

Halo 3
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The producer of the upcoming Halo TV show has said the show won't satisfy everyone, and that's absolutely fine.

Speaking to IGN, Halo TV show producer Kiki Wolfkill revealed several new details surrounding production of the forthcoming show. "It's amazing to have these dedicated fanbases and communities," Wolfkill said. "But it's also hard because there are so many diverse perspectives. At some point, you can't satisfy all the voices. You need to have your own voice."

"The hope is you can play the game and you can have this sense of who this character is, and you can love that, and then you can stop and put that aside and enjoy this other experience and get taken on a different journey," the producer further stated. "And see that character in a different way without feeling like it's impeding on the character you already have in your heart around the game."

Wolfkill also commented on the extremely long journey to get the Halo TV show made. Recently, filming in Budapest, Hungary was paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but has recently resumed under "certain health and safety protocols," according to the producer.

Recently, it was revealed that the Halo TV show would be moving from Showtime's streaming platform to Paramount Plus, and would launch in early 2022. Additionally, Microsoft revealed that the show would be available outside the US for streaming audiences, and that Cortana in the TV adaptation would be portrayed by the same actor as in the games. It's certainly been a long road to fruition, but now the Halo TV show is less than a year away.

For everything you need to know about the streaming service that will host the Halo TV show next year, head over to our Paramount Plus guide for more.

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