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Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack Guide

Suggested Ability: Hologram

Hologram comes in handy when you want to hide your true route as you dash from cover to cover in an attempt to get behind enemy lines. If you can get your whole team to spam hologram you can really confuse your foes. Though I suppose that’s a decent tactic on most maps… Actually ANY type of teamwork is a smart play, but we know how rare that can be out there in the virtual trenches.

Major Weapon Locations

Rocket Launcher: On the rocky walkway near the man cannon coming from the rocky base.

Rocket Launcher: On the forest walkway near the man cannon coming from the forest base.

Sniper Rifle: Under the wreckage on the beach side.

Sinper Rifle 2: In the rock fort on the cliff side.

Health Locations

Here inside the forest base. Mirrored on the other side of the map.

Also inside the forest base. Mirrored on the other side of the map.

On the wall near the man cannon. Mirrored on the other side of the map.

Map Tips

•Tempest can appear overwhelmingly complicated at first, but aside from a few aesthetic discrepancies, the map is ultimately symmetrical, and all weapons/health locations are mirrored.

•The man cannons on the sides of the map launch you right into the areas where the sniper rifles spawn.

Above: Most of the high portions of the map are out of bounds

•Unfortunately most of the high portions of the bases and rocks are classified as out of bounds, rendering the jetpack less effective on this map. There are still a couple of decent sniper’s nests (reachable on foot), such as the one below –

•It may go without saying, but do your best not to get drawn out into the center of the map. Yes you may take out a foe or two, but you won’t last long out in the open.

Above: The opposing team can still pick up the turret, but now they only have 200 rounds

•The mounted turrets can be removed from a distance. If at any time you have a good opportunity, jump on your side’s turret and open fire on the opposing team’s turret. You can knock it off its stand within seconds.

•Even if you’re not a crack shot with the sniper rifle, you can still use it to seriously mess up the enemy’s Warthogs.

•Using the short tunnels that go around the side of each base is a good tactic for games such as capture the flag. Park a vehicle at the mouth of the tunnel and have a teammate run inside to grab the flag. If they return, you’ve got the perfect getaway. Alternatively, make sure to guard these tunnels if you’re playing defense during CTF.

•A good way to guard the tunnels during CTF is to plug a Warthog into one of the opening. At the very least it will buy you a few extra seconds as the enemy tries to move it using grenades or melee attacks.