Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack Guide

Maybe you’re one of those Halo: Reach players who’s grown tired of pwning noobs across the game’s 13 maps. Or maybe you’re one of those players who gets frustrated because those better gamers have all of the old maps mastered, reducing your own life expectancy to about four seconds per spawn. In either case, Bungie’s recent release of some brand new areas to romp in is a good thing, and we’ve put together a guide for all three of the new maps.


Suggested Ability: Sprint

Breakpoint is big, open, and full of vehicles. If you want any chance at reaching one of them, sprint is a good loadout for you. It also helps you run for cover should you end up the poor sap who’s on the road without a ride. The outdoor portion of the map assumes a massive horseshoe shape, and the main road runs in a circular fashion around the entire map with a small section of it tunneling through the mountain.

Above: Hey, I can see my corpse from up here!

Major Weapon Locations

Rocket Launcher: A rocket launcher is resting in here in the vault. This is a perfect area to camp with the rocket launcher and smoke any passing vehicles or other players looking for the launcher.

Rocket Launcher 2: A rocket launcher is resting against the research station wall on the western side of the map.

Hammer: The hammer is hidden away in the corner underneath the hub.

Sniper Rifle: The first sniper rifle is on the smaller busted walkway just under the big bridge on the main road.

Sniper Rifle 2: The second rifle is here in the main tunnel.

Spartan Laser: The Spartan Laser just outside the research center, close to the rocket launcher. This is a high priority weapon considering the amount of vehicles on the map.

Shotgun: The Shotgun is next to this rock on the glacier.

Focus Rifle: The Focus Rifle is on this part of the rock spine.

Plasma Launcher: The Plasma Launcher lying in this small nook near the glacier section of the map.

Plasma Launcher: The second Plasma Launcher is on the barracks balcony.

Plasma Grenades: Plasma Grenades play an important role on this map. Save them for vehicle sticks.

Health Locations

Inside the hub.

Inside the barracks.

Up here on the uplink platform.

Inside the vehicle bay near where the Pelican spawns.

Inside the research station.

Map Tips

•Armor lock is a close second for our preferred loadout on Breakpoint. You can use it to protect yourself from enemy vehicles and even take one out given the right circumstances.

•In a standard game of slayer, the Wraith spawns 2:30 into the game, and the two Banshees spawn at the 3 minute mark. The Pelican also spawns after 3 minutes inside the vehicle bay. Note that these spawn times don’t seem to apply during some online matchmaking (everything is just there at the start), and the pelican often won’t appear at all.

•These paths are deceptive – they appear to be too steep to climb but they’re not. You can walk right up them to reach the rock spine – a long ridge overlooking the entire map.

•The tiny dark tunnel linking the hub and the research station should not be overlooked. Grab a buddy and hold out inside, protecting both entrances during a match of team slayer.

•This large snowy sloped area in the southwest corner (called glacier) is a great place for scouting or very long distance sniping. With your back to the cliff face, you are fairly safe from surprise attacks.

•With the Wraith lying right out in the middle of the open, chances are you won’t last long should you be lucky enough to pilot the thing. Try to pick out some targets before you get in, and have friend along operate the turret. Blow up everything in site before the opposing team descends upon you like a pack of wolves. Alternatively, you can jump in and use the boosters to get over to the glacier or tunnel areas as subtly as possible and put your back to the wall.

•With two plasma launchers, two rocket launchers, a laser, and a wide open road, if you get into any vehicle on this map you’d better be moving quickly at all times.

•The DMR is the dominant gun on this map since most of your kills (and deaths) will be at mid to long range.

•Sniping from the rock spine can be a good move, just make sure not to hang around too long up there seeing as there’s no cover whatsoever. It won’t take long for the opposing team to pick you off once they’re aware of your presence.

•Some other good sniper’s nests:

Above: Don’t mind me; I’m just here to read the meter…

Above: An excellent vantage point