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Halo Infinite will have split-screen co-op at launch, reaffirms 343 Industries

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Following the Xbox Games Showcase and our first look at Halo Infinite in action on Xbox Series X (opens in new tab), there's been plenty of questions. Would, for example, Halo Infinite (opens in new tab) really feature split-screen co-op, given how large its new open spaces are? 

GamesRadar sat in on a roundtable interview with developers from 343 Industries following the reveal, and studio head Chris Lee was emphatic in his confirmation: "We will have split-screen and we will have co-op when we launch Halo Infinite." 

While Microsoft had teased that this feature would be returning in the past, it's great to hear that co-op support is coming back straight from the folks who are making it . It is, after all, such a huge part of the series' legacy. That's why it was so disappointing when Halo 5: Guardians (opens in new tab) axed couch co-op, ruining the time honored tradition of screaming at friends while pushing through whatever punishing difficulty combination we could create between Legendary mode and a fine selection of Skulls. 

Still, even with online multiplayer being the focus of most games these days, it's fantastic to see 343 committing to bringing split-screen co-op back to Halo. That isn't the only thing coming back, mind. 343 has also confirmed that Master Chief will be the only protagonist (opens in new tab) – following the somewhat tepid response Halo 5 faced from the decision to have Chief share the spotlight with Agent Locke. 

That isn't all we've learned today. We've also found out that the Halo Infinite open world includes a day/night cycle, upgrades, and more (opens in new tab). There's still plenty more on Halo Infinite to come, with the game schedule to launch later this year for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. 

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Josh West
Josh West

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