Halo Infinite spoilers leaked in multiplayer technical preview

Halo Infinite
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A number of significant Halo Infinite spoilers have leaked via the game's new technical preview beta build.

As datamined and leaked on Reddit, the campaign files reportedly contain major spoilers regarding Halo Infinite's weapons, progression, and key story beats. We won't reveal any of the spoilers here, and we advise you to avoid Halo Infinite social media communities and mute key words to ensure you're going into the game fresh when it launches this year. 

"Hey folks, heads up: we unintentionally included a small number of Halo Infinite campaign files in the tech preview build," laments Halo Infinite head of creative Joseph Staten. "Unfortunately, these files contain spoilers. Leaks like this are painful for the dev team and can ruin the campaign experience for everyone. So please, keep you eyes peeled for spoilers and don't spread them if you see them."

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The Halo Infinite technical preview kicked off Wednesday, July 28, offering an exceedingly limited preview build that focuses exclusively on the multiplayer side of the game. If you were lucky enough to get access to the multiplayer beta, you'd have access to a small number of maps and weapons to preview ahead of the full game's release.

If you've yet to receive an invite to the preview build, we're sorry to say you're probably out of luck. One thing you'll want to ensure you check is your spam or junk folder, just because it'd be such a darn shame if your ticket to Halo Infinite early access was waiting for you unseen.

Again, we highly advise against seeking out these spoilers, both to preserve your own enjoyment of the game and to respect the hard work of the devs, but if you just want to see something new while you wait for the game to launch, you can check out the very first Halo Infinite gameplay footage from the preview build to hold you over. At least then you're only seeing stuff 343 actually intended to be seen at this stage.

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