Halo: Infinite Samurai armor shown in reveal trailer will be available for free

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite's Samurai armor showcased in the multiplayer trailer will be free in the first season of the game. 

During the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, more details were shed on the eye-catching armor. The Yoroi Samurai Spartan armor was given a big spotlight during footage shown on Sunday's Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase

This lead players to wonder just how difficult would it be to unlock, or perhaps worryingly, how much would it cost? Well, there's good news on the front. During the Extended show, multiplayer associate creative director Tom French revealed: "That is a Samurai Spartan armor, and it will be an armor you’ll be able to unlock for free in the first season."

Elaborating, French revealed that the Samurai look is not a one-off twist of Spartan armor either. He added: "We actually have more of this kind of stuff coming down the line. There are actually some really cool ideas that we are seeing and that our team is building. There will be a lot of really cool armors, besides just the really core Halo Spartan armors."

These kinds of customization options are great, and it's an area Halo has always excelled in. The games have always had fun customization options to let you express your own Spartan, especially from Halo 3 onwards. Speaking of, the Yoroi armor is reminiscent of the iconic Hayabusa armor which was only unlocked in Halo 3 from collecting the 13 skulls in the campaign. 

It's not clear if this armor will feed directly into the Halo Infinite Battle Pass or not, but it will be available in the first season. This system promotes a standard where your pass will never expire, meaning that even after a season is done, you will be able to continue to progress it. 

What's more, if you missed an old battle pass after taking some time off, you will be able to purchase old ones and choose which one you would like to progress towards. This means, that even if you don't pick up the game for several years after launch, you will still be able to get the armors you want. 

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