Halo Infinite multiplayer getting bots to make it the "most approachable" in the series

Halo Infinite
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Halo Infinite is getting bots and accessibility options to help players in its online multiplayer.

Following Halo Infinite's appearance at Xbox and Bethesda's Games Showcase yesterday, more details about the game have begun to be shared. In a post on Halo Waypoint, it was announced that bots are coming in a bid to make Halo Infinite the most approachable and accessible game in the franchise. 

One of the key features announced to be coming to the Halo Infinite multiplayer is the inclusion of a robust and varied training mode. In the post, 343 Industries says: "After nearly 20 years of Spartan combat and experience to contend with, we know the Halo multiplayer arena can sometimes be a daunting experience. To help address this, a key pillar for Halo Infinite is to be the most approachable and welcoming entry in the series to date."

These tools will allow players to learn and experiment with the systems at play in Halo Infinite in diverse ways.

The post mentions that there are two modes to help players get acquainted with the game. Academy is a mode led by the character Spartan Commander Laurette, and lets you learn the basics of combat and learn the maps. It will also include a target range and customizable training skirmishes with bots, so you can get comfortable with being a Spartan. 

There will also be a Training mode that "lets you configure specific loadouts, deploy opponent bots of various skill levels, and practice on your own terms." Bots will even be available for use in Custom Games if players want to fill out their rosters. 

What's nice about these options is that they can be used to get newer players comfortable with the game and veterans the tools to experiment and test weapons and theories in a controlled environment. It's a win for everyone. 

On the topic of accessibility, 343 Industries also confirmed in the post that colors will be entirely customisable. The game will use a "friend or foe" outline system in online matches. This will affect all colouring focused on scoreboard, team bases, and team bases. Details on more accessibility options are mentioned to be coming later.

A lot more is going to be revealed about Halo Infinite multiplayer today, with a showcase going deeper into what to expect from the online portion of the game. It's set to go live Monday, June 14 at 8AM PT / 4PM BST.

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