Halo Infinite is a Project Scarlett launch title, reveals new E3 2019 trailer

Everyone’s been clamouring for a new Halo Infinite trailer, and the E3 2019 Xbox press conference finally delivered the man in the big green suit on our screens once more. It’s confirmed that Halo Infinite will be a launch title for Project Scarlett - Xbox’s next console is still without an official name - and that it’ll be launching in the “Holiday 2020” period. Grab your battle rifle and get ready soldier, because this latest Halo Infinite trailer looks like Master Chief’s biggest leap yet.

Halo Infinite E3 2019 trailer

Halo Infinite will be the seventh main Halo game to release on an Xbox console, and it follows on from Halo 5: Guardians which launched in October 2015. That means there’s over a five year wait between releases for main titles in the franchise, excluding things like Halo Wars which are spin-offs. We’ve known about Halo Infinite since E3 2018, and we still haven’t seen gameplay for the upcoming title so it’s been a long wait for avid Halo fans.

343 Industries lead Bonnie Ross has previously announced that Halo Infinite will be a “spiritual reboot” of the franchise, which is why it’s the first Halo core title not to feature a number in the name. It will continue after the events of Halo 5 though, so don’t worry about the game acting as a prequel or any of that nonsense. Master Chief is also back into his old armour, so don’t worry about the art style switch seen in Halo 4 and 5.

Start saving those pennies for Holiday 2020 because you’ll need to buy an all new console for an all new Halo.

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