Halo Infinite dynamic background and profile theme will take your console to Zeta Halo

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The new Halo Infinite dynamic background for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners is like taking a little trip to Zeta Halo every time you hit the dashboard. 

The new dynamic theme is freely accessible to all owners of the new-gen Xbox consoles, assuming you're connected to the internet and freshly updated. This video from The Verge's Tom Warren shows what you need to do to get your Xbox all set up for the newly revealed release date in December: head to Settings, then General, then Personalization, then scroll all the way down to Dynamic Backgrounds, and finally you'll find the Chief waiting for you at the end of all the background options.

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The background is basically a motion-enabled version of the Halo Infinite box art, with the Chief's visor glinting, dropship thrusters glowing, and those blue flare things ascending in the distance. If you want the rest of the world to see your excitement for Halo Infinite, you can pick a new Halo Infinite gamerpic and theme for your Xbox profile as well.

The natural next step is to get a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console pre-order so your entire Xbox experience can be Chief-y both inside and out, though that's a lot more expensive than picking a free background or profile picture. On the plus side, it does include a download code for Halo Infinite, so at least you'll have that sorted out ahead of time.

Worried about not seeing much of Halo Infinite's campaign yet? 343 Industries says it's been too busy polishing it up to put out any more trailers.

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