Next Halo Infinite flight date is up in the air as 343 hopes it will be "properly focused on PvP"

Halo Infinite
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The next Halo Infinite flight date hasn't been confirmed yet, but developer 343 is hoping to complete at least one more test before launch.

Halo community director Brian Jarrard commemorated the end of the test with a Twitter thread laying out what comes next for 343 Studios. That includes the hope of running "at least" one more test flight "properly focused on PvP and other aspects of the MP experience," but it sounds like the studio isn't ready to confirm anything just yet. 343 also plans to share a more detailed recap of the technical preview and what it means for the full game's launch.

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As for what specific PvP modes 343 may have planned to roll out for future tests, the studio previously said that it had plans for more traditional Arena and Big Team Battle modes in future flights, so you can likely look forward to those. Assuming you get selected to participate - as Jarrard says, you'll need to register with the Halo Insider program to have a chance at being picked.

This technical preview was focused solely on Bot-centric modes, letting players team up to take on teams of AI-driven foes in Bot Arena or practice their gun skills in Weapon Drills. Even if it wasn't quite the classic Halo multiplayer experience, it was still a grand time; GR's Josh West laid out 7 ways Halo Infinite multiplayer makes one hell of a good first impression in case you didn't get a chance to try it out yourself.

Of course, the Halo Infinite playtest seems to have revealed more than 343 intended. Not only did players spot a voice recording that seems to indicate a battle royale mode is on the way to Halo Infinite, they also found spoilers for major parts of Halo Infinite's story-driven campaign mode. Almost as distressingly, they discovered that Halo Infinite seems to take place in a parallel dimension where some doors are easily 12 feet tall and no one knows why.

We talk about the Halo Infinite technical preview and much more besides in the latest episode of Totally Rated, future's news and reviews show. 

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