Halo boss would 'love to see' a Halo game without shooting - would you?

The Halo games are defined by their futuristic arsenal almost as much as titular space-rings. Whether it's the classic Aliens-inspired Assault Rifle or the pink-yet-deadly Needler, the series is full of iconic weaponry. Yet Halo franchise director Frank O'Connor recently told Techland he would be interested in a game that explored the Halo universe, sans guns.

"I’d love to go do a xenoarcheological expedition to the original Halo ring," O'Connor said, setting up an example. "You know, take some scientists down, drive around, catch samples, do some detective work, maybe there’s a mystery. And it wouldn’t require shooting. It’s the universe and environment that can still be exciting, even without action. So that’s one of the things I’d love to see us invest more in."

It might sound sacrilegious to talk about a Halo game with no shooting, but stranger things have happened. We live in a world where Minecraft has a narrative-driven episodic series starring Patton Oswalt, after all. But I'm curious: what do you think? Would you play a Halo game lacking in pew-pew?

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Sam Prell

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