Halo director speaks

Friday 11 August 2006
It was only yesterday that Neill Blomkamp was named director of the Halo movie and he's already done his first interview in which he states he's a huge fan of the game.

"From a purely game playing perspective I am a massive fan of the games but, more importantly, I'm a massive fan of the world and universe of Halo, the science fiction world that the games take place in," Blomkamp told movie website Ain't it Cool News.

When quizzed about Master Chief, Blomkamp said that he did not want to change too much as the helmeted warrior is a "sacred" part of the Halo universe. He wouldn't be drawn on whether we would get to see his Master Chief's face, though.

As for the enemies, Blomkamp expressed a real love for flopping mutants the flood, as he described them as "near perfect organisms in terms of how resilient they are against natural threats," which he feels will allow him to explore ideas of evolution in the film. Also there's the fact they're dead scary and "on a pure thrill-ride basis, having the audience run into the flood in a narrow, dark hallway is awesome".