Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary's Kinect integration outlined at NYCC

Halo: Combat Anniversary is ready for its Nov 15 launch, reports 343 Industries, which shared details about the title's Kinect integration with NYCC attendees. The game's voice-commands will allow for in-game action-triggers and an exclusive Library feature designed to explore the remake's expanded take on Halo lore.

If you find yourself losing firefights due to your slowness in finding the button for actions like “grenade” or “reload,” then you probably need more than just a Kinect prompt. That being said, if you yell at Master Chief, he will follow your commands, which is as good an excuse as any for yelling at Halo.You'll also be able to switch between the title’s original and updated visuals with the power of your mouth.

Above: Classic map Hang 'em High's also been confirmed for the Anniversary remake. Here it is in the original

The remake also features a Metroid Prime-style Library section, which can only be accessed using the Kinect command “Analyze.” This pauses the action and brings up information and a standalone 3D model for in-game items of note. Assuming your Xbox doesn't have an "Enhance" button, the Library mode is for Kinect users only. The rest of you will have to make do with shooting Covenant in stony, vaguely shameful silence.

Oct 17, 2011