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Halo 5's throwing money at a UFC fight. Why yes, it IS hugely embarrassing

As noted by Kotaku AU (opens in new tab), Halo 5 is clearly emptying the cash bucket over an upcoming fight between UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier and contender Alexander Gustafsson. Leading to the kind of tweets that no one ever says without plenty of $$$$$$$$$$ to make them hit send.

For example:

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Although, top marks to Alex for getting both the name and release date in this one. Well done, round of applause. Have a Lambo.

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Just imagine the meeting that lead up to the contracts being signed on this.

"From my personal account?"
"Let me see the cheque again."
[Faint rustle of paper, followed by the sound of a pen scratching.]

Best of all is just how dismissive Daniel is about it all in this clip. He's taken the money and gives precisely zero fucks.

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I can't wait to see what happens in the actual fight. If Master Chief doesn't walk around the ring holding up round numbers then Microsoft hasn't paid enough.

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