The next Halo 5 DLC enables level creation on PC while bringing new maps and REQs to Xbox One

Almost a year later, Halo 5: Guardians is still going strong with new maps, REQs, and features on the way. Today, Microsoft and 343 Industries announced Anvil's Legacy, the ninth free DLC pack coming to the game.

The biggest addition that Anvil's Legacy will bring is a content browser for the game's Forge mode, where players create their own maps. No more hunting down gamertags and Reddit posts, just in-game browsing and downloading to make finding the next great custom map easier than ever.

There will also be two new maps: "Mercy" for Arena and "Temple" for Warzone. Both are set on the Elite homeworld, Sanghelios. Lastly, Anvil's Legacy will add new weapons, attachments, weapon and armor skins, and other REQs.

There's also some exciting news for Halo fans who lack an Xbox One but own a Windows 10 PC: the level creation tool, Forge, is coming as a standalone app. You'll be able to use a mouse and keyboard to create more precise environments, display them in 4K resolution, and publish them for Xbox One players.

Perhaps most exciting of all the Windows 10 features though, is that you'll be able to play and test the maps you create with friends, all on Windows 10. It's not the full game, but it feels like the first step toward Halo 5 on PC.

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