Halo 5 is giving out daily free REQ packs to winners

343's getting pretty good at giving away free stuff. Between two major updates (the latest of which arrives this week (opens in new tab)), the developer's already added (or announced it's adding) a new Forge mode, an updated Blood Gulch, Big Team Battle mode, more than a few dozen bits of equipment and a glut of other extra bits and pieces. It's transparently a drip-feed of new stuff to keep us playing - and the latest addition increases the frequency of those delicious drips to potentially two a day.

As you can see above, the in-game Message of the Day currently announces that winning a match of Arena or Warzone will net you a free REQ pack for your trouble. Win a match in both modes and you can grab two free packs a day.

The daily rewards are Silver packs, too - equivalent to 5000 REQ points or £1.59/$1.99 - so your chances of a high-class REQ are increased above buying lowly Bronze top-ups. That said, I got some right crap in my first open - the gods of RNG remain cruel and fickle beasts.

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