Halo 5 does its best Battlefield 1 impression with this delightful map

Itching to jump into some WW1-era combat, but don't have a copy of Battlefield 1? That's okay, Halo 5 has you covered. Xbox gamer JoeAct20 has created a custom Halo map that includes old-school "planes" (Sam said with sarcastic air quotes) created from melding together Banshees and Warthogs, and the dogfights look ridiculously fun:

You'll need a buddy for this new type of conflict, as one player must act as pilot while the other mans the turret. The custom ruleset JoeAct20 created to supplement the map supports up to eight players (four planes per team). You can download the map here, and the gametype here.

Wild as it is, this isn't even as weird as Halo 5's map-building community has gotten. Remember the map that turned Banshees into cooking utensils and Warthogs into pancakes? Or the map that let players have a Pokemon battle?

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Sam Prell

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