Halo 3 reviews beat Bioshock

Sept 24, 2007

Just in case you missed the explosion of Halo 3 reviews over the weekend, Bungie's shooter is doing pretty well at review stage around the world. We say pretty well, but with the game scoring an average of 9.7 on stat crunching website Metacritic, we actually mean bloodily awesomely. You can almost hear the champagne corks popping at Bungie HQ.

It wasn't long ago that 2K's Bioshock rocked the world of review scores, coming out with nothing lower than high 9s if not straight 10s.

Surprise - Halo 3 is doing the same. Is it a surprise though - wasn't it always going to score really high? You can read our review here. We're more surprised that some haven't gone out there and said it's an 8 because it's 'more of the same'.

Above: Don't go modding your 360s. Our art team made this here screen

At time of writing Halo 3 was sitting pretty with an average score of 97 out of 100, or 9.7 out of 10. Check out the list here. But there's a couple of points to consider before Halo 3 is crowned the biggest scoring 360 in the world ever though.

The first is that the review NDA was only lifted on Sunday at 8pm. Now pretty much every major site knew this was coming and had time to get their reviews ready but there are still a lot of magazine scores to add into that average. Then the game goes on general release and everyone has their say. That 97 may move in a week or two, higher or lower.

So has 360 had its finest hour already? Can it get any better than Bioshock or Halo 3? Will the likes of Mass Effect, PGR4, The Orange Box or GTA IV dare score more? You know, we've got forums for just such speculations.

Courtesy of CVG