Halo 3 insider interview

These days, titillating stories about Halo 3 are a semiweekly installment on most gaming-related websites. Fromvehicle specsto teasers aboutenemy behavior, we savor every tidbit about the Third Coming as if it were ambrosia, cast down to us mortals by omnipotent deities from the summit of Mount Olympus. Were ever a mythical analogy appropriate, surely it is here.

Today's morsel comes to us from the folks at Next Generation, who have a great two-page interview with Frank O'Connor, content manager for Halo 3 and member of the Bungie pantheon. O'Connor talks about what things are like inside Bungie these days as Halo 3 progresses. Despite having a long way to go, O'Connor reveals, "we're actually seeing the fruits of [our labor] and you can look at the game moving and say, wow, this is the next generation Halo." Wow.

The interview isn't chock full of spoilers or screens or anything too spicy, but hearing a key member of the Halo 3 team talk earnestly and excitedly about it's progress is enough to quicken our collective heart rate. For more on the art, the online beta, and the Friday "show and tell" meetings, read the full articlehere.

Above: Master Chief gazes towards the heavens and ponders the power that bestowed him with his crisp, yet rugged look

March 28, 2007