Halo 3 - 0.1% left to go, 3 new shots

Aug 20, 2007

A new screenshot from Halo 3's single-player campaign and two new shots from multiplayer map Narrows have been released by Bungie, as it explains that Halo 3 is now 99.9 percent complete.

The single-player screen is from mission Tsavo Highway - "Beginning in a subterranean labyrinth somewhere in Africa, the Master Chief and a squad of marines need to rendezvous at the semi-nearby city of Voi. Just how long that trip will take depends on if you're going to cross this sun-scorched African savannah, dotted with massive remains of the destroyed space elevator, Covenant outposts and Covenant checkpoints is up to you - you can go by foot, or perhaps more appropriately by Warthog."

Narrows, meanwhile, "takes place on a large, chilly Forerunner bridge. While symmetrical in nature, that symmetry is slightly interrupted by varied power-ups on either side of the map. A Rocket Launcher rests atop the central bridge, while a Shotgun sits below it on the low bridge.

"Battle Rifles and an assortment of dual wieldables decorate the bases at either end of the bridge. For fast travel from base to base there are Man Cannons that allow for in-air collision and general hilarity if two people take flight at the same time."

To see all three of the new shots, and our entire archive of Halo 3 images, click on the Images tab at the top of the screen. Further latest Halo happenings can be read about in Bungie's most recent weekly update onits website.