Hall Pass gets a trailer

Hall Pass gets a trailer

The Farrelly Brothers have served up a trailer for their latest comedy, Hall Pass - though comedy may be a bit of a stretch.

A far cry from their heyday, Hall Pass sees Owen Wilson and best bud Jason Sudeikis - both married men with itchy feet - given a week off from their marital vows by their wives, in which to sow their wild oats.

The plan doesn't exactly work out as they'd hoped, however, as they find that their comfortable married lives have left them a little out of the loop.

You can see the trailer below;

Hardly Dumb and Dumber, is it.

The Farrelly Brothers are in need of a hit, and though film comedy may have changed since the pair revolutionised tastes with their gross-out humour, serving up what appears to be a laugh free bonanza is no way to get back on top.

Hall Pass is due in UK cinemas early next year.