Half Life 3 spotted! (on a shirt)

The “are they or aren't they” debate surrounding Valve's development of Half Life 3 has been stoked once more with the discovery of a Half Life 3 t-shirt reportedly worn in public by a Valve employee. We don't use italics lightly folks, this is a big deal.

The shirt was spotted at a recent industry gala by Uber Entertainment rep Chandana “Ekanaut” Ekanayake, who shared his findings last night, tweeting, “All I'm saying is I saw this at a local game developer event worn by a Valve employee.”

Responses to the tweet have ranged from “I saw that too!", to “Valve is a giant troll”. If it was just a Valve employee having a laugh, well, that's actually kind of funny. Another way to look at it is the shirt is merely a way for the studio to say: “Yeah, we haven't forgotten about it."

You may recall Half Life fans foaming at the mouth this September when HL3 code was spotted hanging around the inner recesses of the Dota 2 beta, or back in April when vague HL3 hints were uncovered in Portal 2's ARG. Heck, Gordon Freeman's face is spotted in toast on a weekly basis. Point being: it's a 99.98% possibility Valve will make Half Life 3. It will happen; and when it does, we're sure Gabe and his team will announce it in a much bigger way than on a shirt.

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