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Half-Life 2 movie poster sees Gordon Freeman go Hollywood in incredible fashion

Chances are, if Hollywood ever get round to making a Half-Life movie, it'll be rubbish. Hell, we'll probably have to make do with Matthew Maconahay shoved into a pair of specs and Paris Hilton as the 'believably' brainy Ms. Vance. Thankfully, an enterprisingdeviantART poster called agentscarlet has envisioned a Half-Life 2: Episode Two movie in incredible poster form...

Admittedly, it's a bit better than our effort we did way back when...

Also, there's just time to shoehorn ina bit of further shamless self-promotion, so if you like looking at faux movie postersbased ongames, why not check outThe best fake video game movies you'll never seeandHow Hollywood will ruin your favourite games.

Thanking you.

August 24, 2010