Half-Life 2: Episode One Trailer

Take a look at this new trailer for Valve's Half-Life 2: Episode One, the upcoming episodic add-on to the awesome sci-fi shooter Half-Life 2, reacquainting you with the mysterious goings on in City 17.

The footage shows Alyx leading you in an escape from the crumbling Combine Citadel, the veritable hornet's nest of the enemy, as well as some exciting sessions of action on the Antlion and zombie-infested streets of the city. Episode One isn't available until May 31 but, on the strength of this, it's easily going to be worth the wait. Like you didn't know that already...

Above: Valve promises that Alyx and Dog will stick around longer in Episode One

We're working our people inside toset upan exclusive Q%26A session with Valve, creator of Half-Life and all-round super developer. Until then, click on the movies tab above to start watching the movie now.

April 7, 2006