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Hackers uncensor Manhunt 2

Nov 1, 2007

PSP hackershave discovered a way to get around Rockstar's self-censorship of Manhunt 2 and enjoy the game "the way it was intended", using illegal software to edit the game's code.

It's not a simple task though. Tomake it work hackers are usinga digitally pirated (and therefore illegal) PSP copy of Manhunt 2, PSP hackingprograms and more than a little ability in reading and editing code. But, then, Hot Coffee wasn't exactly plug-'n'-play either.

The released version of Manhunt 2 has been heavily censored by Rockstar, with an alarming negative-style effect laid over the grittiest parts of each execution. See the difference for yourself below in thePS2 versions(zip to the end of the clip to see censored/non-censored comparisons):

To prove that the PSPexploit is realthe haxxors have uploaded the following YouTube video. Which is not for the squeamish.In fact, we'll never look at a spade in the same way again.