Guy Ritchie's Angry Birds, coming never to a theater near anyone

For a game at the vanguard of the so-called casual movement, Angry Birds sure inspires some hardcore tributes. Having seen what happened when Taiwanese animation geniuses NMA TV had a go at imagining an Angry Birds movie, here's geek-culture studio The Quarter Bin's take on the same still-hypothetical flick. It's Snatch meets Kill Bill meets... well, there's some Angry Birds in there somewhere, if you look hard enough.

Above: Is it worth clarifying that "bird" is British for "sexually active woman?"

For another take on the seemingly inevitable Angry Birds movie, try Rooster Teeth's military parody: the consistent theme here seems to be “Angry Birds is for kids and soccer moms, so it would be funny if the movie wasn't family fare.” If that's the case, then The Quarter Bin's offering probably takes the honors, with a respectable death toll and as much toplessness as YouTube will allow outside of an educational context (which this surely isn't). And it's nice to see the Birds' specialties subtly reflecting those of their avian counterparts. Which Angry Birds parody trailer's your favorite?