Gunpey Rebirth sees the lightshow

Friday 13 October 2006
Fresh from the house of Lumines comes another slice of light-and-sound action for PSP - puzzle game Gunpey Rebirth. And while you need to see it in motion for the full effect, check the images tab for more still screens and you'll get the idea.

As the name suggests, it's a remake of an old puzzle title by none other than sadly deceased Nintendo designer Gunpey Yokoi (who created Metroid, among other greats). Gameplay consists of arranging diagonal lines to form linked blocks crossing the playfield - but with Lumines developer Q on board, it's backed up with animated backgrounds and thumping tunes that come to life as you play.

Above: Background skins have more variation, and more dazzling movement, than Lumines

Looking as perfectly portable and perfectly slick as Lumines, we can't wait to be so hypnotised by our PSPs that we miss our train stop by four hours and snap out of the trance in Scotland again.