Guerilla: Killzone 2 needs Blu-ray

Aug 31 2007

Heavy memory demands from Killzone 2's high-detail warzones mean that Guerilla's opus simply couldn't work on any console using standard DVD discs.

"Xbox 360 doesn't have Blu-ray," Hermen Hulst, managing director at Guerilla explains, "PlayStation 3 does. [A single level] is 2GB. We really need Blu-ray to make the game. I don't know how you could fit it on Xbox 360 without taking some shortcuts".

"Blu-ray isn't important for watching movies," Hulst continues,"we need it for making games".

But it's not simply Blu-ray's storage capacity that makes PS3 the only viable platform, as the two developers informed Official PlayStation Magazine during a recent interview. Hulst stresses: "I firmly believe that what we've shown we can get out of [PS3] would be difficult, if not impossible, to deliver on a competing machine".

And Ter Heide adds: "We literally can't do this stuff on any machine other than PlayStation 3. If you're developing a multi-platform game, you have to find a common denominator between the systems and say: that's what I'm developing for. Whereas someone focused on a single platform can really take advantage of everything it has to offer."

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