GTA will have 'issues' on Euro PS3

The list of compatible PS2 and PSone games for PlayStation 3 has been published online by Sony today, providing a rundown of all games that are supported by the next-gen console, and how well they will be played.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Pro Evolution Soccer 6, Need For Speed Carbon and FIFA 07 are all included in the list, but are marked as suffering from "noticeable issues." Whatever that means isn't clear, but it can't be good news.

Meanwhile Final Fantasy XII has "minor issues," but fortunately there's a good amount of games seemingly unaffected, including both God of War games, Burnout Revenge, Shadow of the Colossus and BMX XXX. Ahem.

Disappointingly though, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Manhunt, Mercenaries and Okami are all absent from the list. However, the titles featured are merely those made compatible with the 1.60 firmware update due out on launch day this Friday - it's likely we'll see more added as we go. How many will be added though, or whether those with 'noticeable issues" can be fixed, is completely up to Sony...

March 20, 2007