GTA San Andreas confirmed for PC in 2005

Rockstar have today confirmed that a PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released between May and July 2005. No further details on the game have been announced although it's expected that it will be a straight port of the PS2 version.

While the PC incarnation of GTA 3 was very unstable, the port of Vice City was much improved, with far better visuals and a much higher resolution, so we have high hopes for the PC version of San Andreas.

In other San Andreas news, the release of the PS2 version has been delayed - but, fortunately, it's only been put back by a week. The game, which was due to be released for PS2 on 22 October, will now instead hit shelves on 29 October in the UK and 26 October in the US.

"The title's launch date was moved to allow additional time for final testing of the game, which exceeds the size, depth and scope of traditional videogames," reads a statement from Rockstar.

Although it's not currently thought that the game will suffer from further slippage, it's worth nothing that nobody outside of Rockstar has actually played the game yet. And with Rockstar maintaining that they don't reveal how close to completion their games are, there's no way of knowing how finished (or not) San Andreas is at present.

As for the top-down , which was also due to be released on 22 October, this is now scheduled for "late October" so we wouldn't be surprised for that to also be put back to 29 October to coincide with San Andreas.

The game will be set in Liberty City, with an area twice the size of GTA 3 to explore, and will feature three unlockable areas: Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. Expect loads more on both San Andreas and GTA Advance in the coming weeks.