GTA Online Heists update will add daily objectives, new freemode activities

Turns out the Heist update for GTA Online will round out the multiplayer world with more than lucrative, multi-part mission lines. Rockstar Games has announced what to expect from the update heading out on March 10, including new daily objectives and freemode events.

It's plenty of fun to roam around, running over other players and getting into police chases in freemode, but you may have noticed that almost all the real action in GTA Online happens in Jobs. After the update, you'll get more calls from your contacts encouraging you to raise hell in public - Lester may want you to distract the cops in a certain area, or Trevor could ask you to shoot down one of his rivals' planes, for example.

Daily Objectives with give you more incentive to log in regularly with a rotating series of challenges. Stacking up a few days worth of challenges and completing them in one go could earn you up to $500,000 in in-game cash. You'll also be able to email friends regardless of what session they're in, and receive awards including exclusive clothes and car mods.

There's also even more reason to progress through all the Heists than just getting tons of cash: new Adversary modes will unlock as you clear each event, letting you play in several new themed competitions. Here're Rockstar's descriptions:

  • Come Out To Play: A team of three Runners just trying to make it home, and a team of Hunters are out for blood. Runners are well-armed but limited to movement by foot, while the opposition wield free-aim shotguns and ride motorbikes or ATVs. Hunters must stay on their bikes and have access to unlimited lives, while the Runners have just one life but all their weapons available to pick off the Hunters at will.
  • Siege Mentality: Up to four players stand their ground, outnumbered but not outgunned as they fight to survive against up to 6 determined attackers in a location defense mode, GTA style. Attackers have unlimited lives but fight only with sawn-off shotguns. Defenders have full use of all their weapons.
  • Hasta La Vista: The chase is on as Truckers in big rig cabs hunt down a team of Cyclists. The Cyclists' goal is simple: reach the final checkpoint without getting crushed under the wheels of the pursuing trucks. Without traditional weapons the Truckers must rely solely on their vehicles to crush the Cyclists. Meanwhile, the Cyclists must harness the maneuverability and acceleration of their bikes to evade the trucks, while keeping an eye over their shoulder. If one of the Cyclists reaches the checkpoint, the Cyclists win. If all Cyclists are terminated, the Truckers prevail.

Sounds like a serious boost for GTA 5's multiplayer component. I'm looking forward to trying it when the update arrives next week.

Connor Sheridan

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