GTA Online event forks over double GTA$ for VIP Adversary Modes

If you love to feel important, or to feel like you're trying to kill somebody important, the latest GTA Online event week is perfect for you. From now through August 18, three Adversary Modes focused on protecting/killing a player target will award double GTA$ and Reputation Points: Extraction, Hunting Pack, and Entourage.

Keeping with the theme, all VIP Work and VIP Challenges from the Executives and Other Criminals and Further Adventures in Finance and Felony updates will award double RP throughout the event. Make sure to pick up a Buzzard Attack Chopper at 50 percent off if you don't already have one, that should help get the jobs done.

Other discounts include half off on all those fancy Executive Offices and 25 percent off all their decor and customizations. You can even get the executive look for less with a 50 percent discount on clothes from the Further Adventures update, or pick up one of those nice Pegassi Reapers at 25 percent off for whenever you get back to racing (possibly upside down if you're doing Cunning Stunts). 

Last up is the new Premium Stunt Race. Players who aren't afraid to lay down some cash can try their luck on the Vespucci track, though the proposition has become a bit less risky: first place finishers still take home $100,000, while from now on all Premium races will give silver medalists a $30,000 consolation prize. And third place will at least get back its $20,000 entrance fee.

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