GTA Online adds a new sports car and King of the Hill mode

GTA Online Casino Car - Ocelot Jugular
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

GTA Online's latest update brought a brand new King of the Hill mode where you can play in groups of 16 divided into 2 to 4 teams and fight for monarchy across seven different maps. If you play the King of the Hill mode through October 16 you'll be rewarded with double GTA$ and RP.

There are four ways to launch GTA Online's new King of the Hill mode: through the Featured Series option in the loading screen or map, through the Online menu under Jobs > Rockstar Created, or by browsing the Quick Job list on your iFruit.

There are also additional perks for Client Jobs and Special Cargo Sell Missions, and a discount for the Benefactor Terrorbyte and all Special Cargo Warehouses. Also running through October 16, all Client Jobs earn double GTA$ and RP, while Special Cargo Sell Missions are dealing out double GTA$. If you're looking to start taking on Client Jobs and Special Cargo Sell Missions for the first time, the Benefactor Terrorbyte and all Special Cargo Warehouses are currently 40% off.

There's also a slick new way to get around town: the Ocelot Jugular, "A model Sports car, this baby can cut down the road with the precision of a surgeon, if that surgeon had an impact force of multiple kilonewtons and could backhand a man with a slap mass of several metric tons."

Spinning the Lucky Wheel at The Diamond this week gives you the chance to win Principe Deveste Eight, a wild-looking, futuristic supercar. The complete patch notes list a wide range of discounts on new cars fit for royalty, from 25% to 40% off.

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