GTA IV PS3 bundle surfaces

A new PS3 Grand Theft Auto IV bundle will be launched alongside the standalone game on 29 April, according to a retailer in Germany.

German retailerWebhallenlists the bundle for release on the same day as the game, although neither Rockstar nor Sony have officially confirmed the existence of such a package.

As you can see though, that high-res pack shot looks pretty 'official.' If it mysteriously disappears over the next hour then chances are it's right on money, but someone posted it too soon.

Webhallen lists the GTA bundle for the same price as the Gran Turismo bundle, which was £300 (around $600). If a GTA bundle does exist then expect to pay the same.

Oddly there's been no mention of a 360 bundle, allowing us to strongly speculate that this particular deal might be a PS3 exclusive (for a certain period of time, anyway). Well, 360 has got first dibs on downloadable content...

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 8, 2008