GTA IV: 'Exclusively' online for 360?

Friday 16 June 2006
The Xbox 360 instalment of Grand Theft Auto IV will be "an exclusive online-playable version" of the game, according to Xbox UK boss Neil Thomson.

When asked what 360's three big advantages over PS3 were, Thomson answered, "Proven games experience - including an exclusive online-playable version of Grand Theft Auto next year - the online experience and all the extra multimedia stuff Xbox does," in an interview with Stuff magazine.

This revelation is open to a number of interpretations, but we've spoken to Microsoft and were told that Thomson is simply reiterating what was unveiled by Peter Moore at E3 - that the 360 version of GTA IV will have exclusive episodic content, delivered via Live.

So, as it turns out, Microsoft hasn't pulled the rug out from under Sony, since there's no actual rug to speak of. But, then again, Microsoft is talking about GTA IV like it owns it.

On another GTA note, it looks like IV will be developed using RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine), the same engine used to create Rockstar presents Table Tennis. "This is the graphics technology gamers are to expect from future Rockstar games, including the next GTA," Rockstar told while showing off the Xbox 360 ping pong title.

Criterion's Renderware was used to make GTA's III, Vice City and San Andreas, but EA bought up the whole operation leaving Rockstar with a choice: create or purchase some new tech, or pay licence fees to EA.

If nothing else, RAGE could mean that everyone would have lovely clothes and convincing sweat, and maybe you'd be less inclined to run them over with an ice cream van.